Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Before the election and after

Carmen and I live right next to the West Buechel Community Center on the 37 hundred block of St. Francis Ave. The Community Center parking lot extends all the way to Marvin Ave., next to newly elected Mayor Rick Richard's home.

We moved into this house in May and for the next several months we often saw West Buechel Police Department (WBPD) cars driving around the block. In late summer, sometime, we started noticing WBPD cars parked in the Community Center driveway or parking lot. The great dead tree stump arson mystery of 2014 may have stirred a concerned police focus there, but that's a different story.

I noticed WBPD cars there in the morning when the school bus came by.

I noticed WBPD cars there in the afternoon when the school bus came by.

I noticed WBPD cars there in the middle of the night for no apparent reason whatsoever.

Once, in late September I believe, there was a WBPD car in the parking lot next to Rick Richard's house at 3 AM, in the middle of the night.

I know this because the loud sound of a cat meowing woke me up and I went outside to look.

It was the cop!

The cop was sitting in his patrol car meowing outside Rick Richard's bedroom window like a damn cat in heat!

I went back to bed.

Sometime later, someone told somebody who then told me that former Mayor Fowler had directed the WBPD to nail something . . . anything . . .  on mayoral candidate Rick Richards to boost her chances for re-election. Click . . . whirr . . . the meowing cop now made total sense to me. The cop was hoping that Rick would shoot at him so they could call in the SWAT team.

I also understood West Buechel was a lot weirder then I had imagined.

Then the election happened and, "ding, dong, the witch is dead".

After the election, during the Christmas shopping season, you have to go to City Hall or Walmart to see a WBPD car.

The moral of the story is: Flexible policing, but not too flexible.

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