Sunday, November 30, 2014

The great West Buechel snipe hunt

I still have my nose to the ground hunting for signs of the mythical City of West Buechel Economic Development Commission. My first question is:

"Does the City of West Buechel Economic Development Commission even exist?"

Soon-to-be-gone-forever Mayor Sharon "Lame Duck" Fowler claims to be the Economic Development Commission's "administrator", according to her LinkedIn profile page, shown here:

Mayor Fowler claims to have been Mayor of West Buechel since January, 1993. In addition, she states:

"I work as Mayor and City Administrator of Police, Accounting, Maintenance Engineering, Community Center and the Economic Development Commission."

 In the mind of Mayor Fowler, at least, the West Buechel Economic Development Commission exists. Most everyone else never heard of it.

My next questions are:
  • Who are or have been the Members of this Economic Development Commission?
  • When were Mayor Fowler's Letters of Appointment submitted to the City Council?
  • Where are the minutes of the meetings of the Economic Development Commission?
  • Where did the money go?

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