Friday, November 28, 2014

The best turkeys are free

Drew performed a lengthy preparation ritual involving brine and citrus fruits to produce the Best Turkey Ever.

 I had a seat at this table, thanks to Drew's generosity. I got a free turkey dinner, with the best Bourbon Brownies Ever Baked thanks to Drew's ("Is Maker's Mark a good Bourbon?") mom 

Note to self: Some of the best cooks in Kentucky live in West Buechel. Who are they?

As you can see, I didn't lick my plate, but I had heard before about the famous free turkeys in West Buechel.

Back in October, before the election, Drew was asking questions about the free turkeys here, as with who gets them and why?
"Why do certain city council members, employees and/or residents routinely receive ‘Turkey Christmas Packages’ and other incentives from Mayor Fowler, but so many others do not—and no one from Fountain Square or Royal Arms are on the list?"
I didn't see any answer to this question before yesterday, Thanksgiving Day, when Drew showed me Robert's answer, whoever Robert is.

"Turkey Baskets.- City Hall takes names each year of people and families in the city that are having trouble and these are the ones that get said baskets. As for the apartments of fountain square and the royal arms due to laws they are not able to give out names of their residents in financial trouble. However there has been an agreement between the Mayor and the management of these places. The managers of these complexes let the mayor know how many they need and the city delivers them to the management to be handed out."
 This whole "City Hall takes names" business is highly suspect when only a select few know about it. If this practice of handing out free turkeys at taxpayer expense, in secret, is not pure crony favoritism, it sure looks like it to me.

Stop it.

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